Integrated Digital Marketing Solution – The Future of Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing Solution – The Future of Marketing

According to experts in digital marketing, only one out of five companies have a good track record at digital marketing. The lack of innovation and the absence of value-added thinking are two issues which companies must tackle and optimize their digital processes is a top priority.

The marketing budget for 2013 will rise by 6.3 percent in 2013 – according to Aberdeen Business review (Aug, 2012). What will the marketing budget be spent on? the money in 2013? In the majority of cases, this could be a challenging answer. The most likely solution is that marketing spends on whatever is working. Top-of-the-line organizations are setting the stage to establish consistent, quantifiable lead management procedures, setting up alignment between sales and marketing, and regular tracking of revenue growth for marketing. The current need is to increase the use of marketing automation software. Revenue Performance Management capabilities such as the ability to determine ROI for marketing, cost of customer acquisition, as well as closed loop reporting, which lets marketers optimize the lead management process are being quickly implemented. A growing number of companies are integrating social media into its demand generation as well as acquisition strategies. The trend is to use social media as a method of lead scoring as well as content personalization.

As the capabilities of content marketing develop, companies have to be more strategic when it comes to the execution of their content marketing. They must align their the content to the buyer’s journey, and evaluate the impact of their content. The changing marketing environment makes it clear that marketers have to exercise greater control over their content. Digital marketing experts are trying to figure out how to move to a more modern approach to content marketing, the information gathered from granular statistics is crucial for a successful transition that fulfills the demands of demand generation for the business.

To conquer the difficulties of managing the digital experience overall marketers need to think of their own digital channels as part of a comprehensive marketing system that comprises a variety of best quality digital tools that can be used for managing web content and Marketing Automation, CRM and more. Each platform and technology must communicate with each other to form an integrated digital solution.

How do you make use of an all-digital solution that is integrated:

A closed loop cycle of engagement is the method employed to improve understanding of the customer:

Utilize forms and analytics to track behavior and build a create a profile

Analyze the customer’s context

The content should be packaged to be compatible with the customers context

Utilize your buying process to determine what, when, and how to approach prospects in each stage of the buying

“Understand your customers’ mindset through the buying journey

Find out the groups you want to target within your target audience

“Understand and align the messages to the audience and their needs

Implement the multi-channel platforms

Leverage Digital Platforms to achieve multi-channel engagement that matches the expectations of customers and helps drive the acquisition of customers:

‘ Leverage the Three Key Digital Platforms (CMS, Marketing Automation and CRM)

The three platforms were integrated to provide a single overview on the client across every channel

Both CMS and marketing automation CMS and marketing automation allow marketers to set guidelines for what content is displayed within a specific context

Automate the engagement process

Nurture leads throughout the buying process until they reach the point that they are ready to sell

” Deliver leads that are prepared to talk to the sales team

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