YouTube Views – How To Get More

YouTube Views – How To Get More

Views are essential. You get more views the more you are viewed. People flock to popular videos. The more views you have, the higher your video will appear in YouTube’s, Yahoo’s, and Google’s search results.


Software bots: Avoid these. YouTube bans software bots and your channel and video will be deleted if they are caught. Software bots sound exactly like they do. They use an automated bot that hits your video repeatedly to increase YouTube views. YouTube blocked most bots a few months back.

Firefox Refresher: You can use plug-ins to refresh your browser every few minutes. The problem is that views will only register to one I.P. YouTube may ban your account and address, as well as your video. You are responsible for their use.

Creating great videos This is an obvious decision, but even a well-made video doesn’t guarantee that it will get a lot of viewers. A good video is not a guarantee of success with the thirty-thousand hours of YouTube videos uploaded every day.

Being active: This works great. Participate in the YouTube community, comment, subscribe and subscribe to increase your YouTube views, subscribers and comments. This method has a downside: it requires a lot of work. It takes at most a few hours per day. You must not spam others’ videos with comments spam. Your comments should be relevant to the video.

Buying YouTube views: Yes, YouTube views can be purchased. These viewers are 100% real and will watch your video. Because the traffic is real, it does not violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. This is the fastest way to get to the top. However, this is not the only way to increase your views. You should also buy video comments, likes, and favorites.

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